Winter blues…

Experts probably would call this feeling winter blues. This drowning feeling which comes especially towards the end of the winter season, this drowning feeling when you don’t feel like doing and can’t motivate yourself for anything. You reach a total low point. But how can you escape this feeling? Honestly, I don’t know.

The only thing I can find motivation for at the moment is working out, because I can wear my head for at least one to two hours while working out (at least a little bit), I can put my bad mood into something productive. Even though I have to admit, that I am in the grumpiest mood ever for the last few weeks, I am just mad, I have no ideas and my creativity, well I can barely remember what that is at this point. I cannot even tell you where it comes from, but I am in the mood for nothing. I don’t want to get ready and take pictures, I don’t have any good ideas for blogposts, nothing. That’s why it’s so quiet on here, I just don’t want to take pictures just to upload them on here, when I don’t have any really good ideas because everything else would not be something I’d be proud of. Additional to all of this there’s my exam period, which is finally ending next Wednesday, you don’t know how much I am looking forward to this!

Maybe it’s because of the exam period that I am so unmotivated to do anything? Well no. When there’s one thing I always was really good at, then it must be finding excuses for studying. I mean, the weather is just too nice, I better go outside and take some pics instead of studying before it gets dark. Oh and I also have to go through my mails, not to mention this cute bird I guess I’d better watch this bird than studying for my exam. Jep, that was me, all the time and now? Now I honestly prefer going through my summary over opening up the blog post editor and staring at the blank space, hoping I’d find some words to put in there magically. It drives me insane to not have any good ideas for good blogposts worth putting online, and this feeling makes my mood even worse. I mean how can anybody possibly be so useless?

You know what? Enough is enough! Do you know how I am going to try breaking of this cycle? I am going to clean my room to the cleanest point it can get (even though it’s already pretty clean and organized lately). I am going to put fresh flowers on my desk and I am going to have a shower and get ready, even though I have no reason for it since I am anyways going to spend my day at my desk. I am going to search for any mood boosting playlist on Spotify and start listening to some up cheering music and then, then I am going to start. You won’t get out of this winter blues by feeling sorry for yourself! So who’s with me?