Outfit – BFW #3: boho dress and boho kimono

By the time you read this post I am already in Amsterdam, where I am staying until Saturday with my mother and my sister, but you can read more about it on Friday or Monday. Today’s look however is still one from Berlin and I have to say that this might be my favorite one, it was comfy, boho and girly at the same time. I just felt so good wearing this look. This was also the look I wore at the Brandenburger Tor, which is why I added a picture of this as well.

The outfit pictures were taken by Hannah right before we headed to a blind dinner with food guide. Believe me the food was so so yummy which made it even better that I wore such a light and flowy dress. Since it wasn’t super hot and sunny all day it was no bad idea to throw a kimono on top. This kimono is btw highly requested by you, unfortunately I got it last summer at Zara. So I don’t think you can still get it, but I tried to find similar ones. Oh and btw this is the first look with my new lash extensions, which I really love a lot and which I don’t want to like without anymore.

So if you know anyone in Erlangen / Nuremberg who does lash extensions or if you are doing them, let me know! I really think I need them in my life forever now, even though I always liked my natural lashes, it’s so easy and convenient to wake up and be ready or at least looking like you got lashes. However that’s a different topic, today it’s about my outfit! I combined the dress with my black loafers and suitable to the kimono with my favorite bag made out of navy colored leather.

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