Outfit – Leopard coat, velvet boots and a bit of lace

Even though Berlin Fashion Week is officially over for me know, since I am already in my train back home, it isn’t over for this blog, because I still have a lot to share with you.

Today’s outfit is for me a very extravagant look, not only the leopard coat, which itself is already very special and took some time to convince myself to wear it, it must be the boldest look of all my fashion week looks. I did not only wear a leopard coat, but also some velvet boots and a lace sweater with it. Even though I probably wouldn’t wear the look everyday but I still like it a lot and it fits perfectly to the Fashion Week. Where else would you have the occasion for trying out new things when it comes to fashion? After all there’s always a person who ups the ante and besides whom you look like a plain Jane. However that’s exactly what I like about Fashion Week, you still don’t attract too much attention.

Even you don’t get featured in magazines with you street style that often, if you don’t go completely crazy, but I also have another theory for that as well, which I will tell you in my Fashion Week recap, aka my next weekly review post.

Get the look

Shoes*: Sacha | Jeans & Top: Zara | Coat*: Esprit | Bag: Chloé