Dress meets Knitwear & my personal tips for a better time management

Besides a new outfit post I also have something very cool for you. I get so many request on whether I have some tips for a better time management for you, that I decided to finally put them online. To be honest, I am not really sure if these tips are anything new for you or not, but you all wanted to hear them so here we go. The pictures were taken by Flo again (click here to check him out on Instagram), I honestly don’t know what to do when doing my internship in another city and don’t having him as my photographer anymore. As usual I also looked for the items I’m wearing and linked them all in the post, so make sure to check them out at the end of the post.

How to make the best of your time – my personal tips for a better time management

# Have a goal

The one thing you need to have, in order to build a good time management is a concrete goal. If you don’t know what you’re doing it for, you cannot tick of everything from your to do list. I personally know exactly what I do it for, sometimes a little too well. So plan out your goals and if your goal is too big, break it up into smaller goals, that way it looks a bit easier to achieve them.


# Write it down

Writing down your goals and having to do lists is so helpful. I seriously write everything in my calendar, etc. what I have to do, just so that I don’t forget about it. No matter how small the task is, I write it down to remember it. The only problem with this is, that your to-do lists can become super long and it can happen that you get unmotivated because it’s so much work to do. That happens to me from time ot time as well. That’s when I personally love to start either with the ones which take up the least time, or the ones which are the most time consuming. Depending on my daily mood I either do the hard things first and use the little ones as kind of a break, or I use the little ones as a motivation to also get the harder ones done. That’s totally individual to everybody but for me that’s just what works.

Eva-Jasmin-Streetstyle-Chloe-Drew-Nuremberg-Blogger-Balenciaga-Lookalikes Eva-Jasmin-Streetstyle-Chloe-Drew-Nuremberg-Blogger-Balenciaga-Lookalikes Eva-Jasmin-Streetstyle-Chloe-Drew-Nuremberg-Blogger-Balenciaga-Lookalikes

# Prioritize

I know I just said, that I sometimes don’t start with the hardest tasks for the day. However with prioritizing I mean that I recently started to write down a huge to do list in my calendar for every week. I divide this to do list into university stuff, blog related things and other tasks. From this huge list I pick the most urgent tasks and write them down daily for my to-do. The good thing in my calendar is, that it has the whole week on one side and right next to it a complete notes page, where I write down my weekly to dos.

# Know your limit

I am probably the worst at telling you that, especially lately I’ve been super stressed. I honestly cannot tell you how often I got told that I must slow down from probably everybody around me. Even though I mostly don’t listen to this advice myself, do yourself a favor and know your limit and more importantly stick to your limit!




# Learn to say no

Another thing I’m really bad at: saying no. If there are any tasks which nobody wants to do and there’s nobody saying “okay I’ll do it” sooner or later, I’m the one who decides to do it. I don’t know why but I’ve always been the one who did the things nobody wants to do, just because I feel so bad when there’s nobody doing it. Don’t know if that even makes sense, but however.



# Stay focused

I used to be a person who was always watching Netflix and stuff like that while working. Lately I haven’t watched any series at all for about 1,5 weeks. Except like one episode or so. When it comes to editing pictures or stuff like that I can still watch episodes while doing it, but when it comes to other stuff I just lately cannot concentrate on it anymore while watching Netflix. Maybe that’ll change again, but for now the most I can stand while working or doing stuff for university is listening to music.



# Use every spare time for something productive

I honestly try to use every second of the day as productive as possible. When I’m in the train on my way to uni I respond to comments and messages on Instagram, prepare a posting or answer my emails. Sometimes, when I have a spontaneous idea I also write some notes for an upcoming blogpost. When I’m at uni I try to do reportings for my posts, answer emails to stay as on track as I can with my mails, select or edit pictures and so on. Of course I also try to take as much part in uni as possible, so the amount I work during uni depends on how much I have to do at uni that day. On my way back home I usually to the same in the train as in the mornings and when I’m at the gym I try to respond to comments again and I usually post my pictures. When I have a few minutes left in the morning I try to clean my room as much as possible to keep it always as tidy as possible. I try to waste as little time as possible with doing nothing, and latetly I am actually really good at fulfilling this resolution.


Get the look

Sweater*: NA-KD (get here)

Dress: Zara (similar here & here)

Shoes: Onygo (similar here & here)

Bag: Chloe Drew (get here & here)

Earrings: H&M (similar here)

Necklaces: from my collection, shop here


Eva-Jasmin-Streetstyle-Chloe-Drew-Nuremberg-Blogger-Balenciaga-Lookalikes Eva-Jasmin-Streetstyle-Chloe-Drew-Nuremberg-Blogger-Balenciaga-Lookalikes



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