All about my management studies

Since I always get tons of questions regarding my studies, I thought I’d answer them all in one blogpost, hopefully that’s going to help some of you. Beforehand: I am just talking about m experiences, the courses I have at university can of course vary from uni to uni, I can just talk about my uni when it comes to that. However I’d say we better start straight ht away.

What are you studying?

I am studying fashion, brand and trend management, NOT fashion design. However I usually get asked if I want to become a fashion designer, after telling somebody what I study, but no. In that case I’d study design not management. My major is a business management course with everything related to it.

How did you choose your major?

Honestly, I just got to know about this option because my Mom sent me a link to it. I knew I wanted to do something with marketing or fashion, but I didn’t knew what exactly I wanted to study. When my Mom sent me a link to my university and this major, I read the description and knew immediately: THAT’S IT! This was exactly what I was looking for subconsciously, so I decided to start studying it.

management studies university blogger experiences fashion brand marketing

What courses do you have in your major?

That’s a question I just can answer for my school, I think it’s probably very similar to any other universities, but it of course can vary a little bit. For my studies it’s a bachelor course where I earn 180 credit points during 6 semesters. The first two semesters I just had the basic courses such as business administration, marketing and stuff like that, which you have to go through in every management courses I believe. Starting with the third semester I also got more special courses such as brand management. These are by far my favorite ones, I really enjoy them! All in all I have about six to seven test performances during every semester however it changes between exams and assignments, I personally prefer the assignments.

Was it hard to make friends at uni?

Yes and no. I basically connected with a group of girls pretty quickly, and I get along quite well with the rest of my course as well. Still I feel like in the beginning of my studies some “judged” me for my blog a little bit, however that’s no big deal anymore, I think now it just doesn’t matter that I am “the blogger”. All in all I feel comfortable at my uni and I also have some people from the other courses with whom I get along quite well.

management studies university blogger experiences fashion brand marketing

What do you want to do after your studies?

I think this question is one of the worst you can ask a student, of course I know in which direction I want to go after my studies, but I don’t have a precise plan yet. At the moment I could see myself as social media manager for a company or brand, in a PR agency, in a marketing agency or department or even better, when everything works out perfectly, as a full time blogger for a while.

Would you recommend your major?

All in all: yes. As long as you are aware of the fact that it has nothing to do with design and that you won’t become a fashion designer afterwards but more likely (hopefully) a manager. When you know this, than I’d totally recommend it, it’s a cool and interesting major which in my eyes also offers future potential.

Where do you study?

I honestly don’t like this question that much, since I first of all would love to keep a little bit of privacy and secondly and more importantly I think it’s a bit delicate. I am studying in Nuremberg on a private university. As you probably can guess, I am paying study fees every month, and they are definitely more than just 50€ per month. Please note that I pay them, not my parents, I am paying my studies all by myself and I am very proud to do so. Still the answer that I am studying on a private university usually comes across some criticism. I usually hear stuff like I just buy my degree and that I don’t have to do anything for it. Believe me, I don’t receive anything as a gift at my university, I’d love to but no, I actually do have to study for my degrees and my credit points. Maybe I’ll write a more detailed post about my uni one day and if it was worth the money for me, but for the moment, I’d love to leave it like that.

management studies university blogger experiences fashion brand marketing