Outfit – Statement shirt + Love letter to my best friend

Originally I just wanted to only share my outfit with you, no long texts about something “deep” no talking about trends or anything, just a simple outfit post. Well, as you probably can guess, since I said I originally wanted to do this, I am not going to share only outfit details today. Today I want to talk about something personal. Let’s start a few years ago. I used to never have a best friend, sure during kindergarden there was this one friend which you could consider as my best friend, but as soon as elementary school started, this drifted apart. Then during high school I had no best friend basically the whole time, I didn’t have no friends, but no best friend. Sure there were friends which I thought they’d become or be my best friends, but looking back, none of them was really my best friend. Not because of anything specific they did, just in general.

Well, now I am more than proud to say that I have a best friend, someone I can tell EVERYTHING, she knows everything about me, and she’s basically always the first person I tell something. She’s the only one of my friends with whom I can spend days and days together without a single fight. Plus she’s basically me in another person. And guess what? I met her through Instagram. Maybe that’s why we are so close, because we share the same hobby, ok well our hobby is our job, so we also share the same job. So we can talk about everything, she can totally understand why I feel like crying when I have nothing to post or when no picture turns out the way I want to have it. She’s always there, even if I am super annoying because I am on my period and hungry the same time (guys believe me that’s the worst condition of mine, this combination makes me extremely stressful!). I guess you already know that I am talking about Caro, in case you didn’t I am talking about Caro.

Sure there are some other friends I found through Instagram / Blogging and many other amazing people I am glad to know and see at events, but none of them is as amazing as she is. So at this point: thank you, Caro, for always being there and for being just amazing, I love you and I’ll make sure to keep annoying you for the rest of our lives!

From best friend talks to my #ootd

Ok moving on with my Outfit. I am wearing a statement shirt which are a big trend lately. I am wearing this so often lately, because it’s comfortable and I feel super cool wearing a shirt which says ‘Your loss, babe.’, I just feel so sassy. I combined my shirt with a leather skirt, some cute slippers and to add a pop of color, I went with my red Gucci marmont. To finish of the look I wore some mirrored sunglasses (oh and I finally curled my hair again).

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  • GlossyU 3. August 2017 at 10:49

    You are lucky to find a best friend on the internet. When I read your story I see me, except the fact I did not found a best friend yet 🙂 … But is never to late… who knows… 🙂

    Love you outfit, especially the leather skirt 🙂 !

    Xo Xo,