Outfit – Pearls and off shoulder

Time for another outfit post, this time I am wearing a white off shoulder blouse or shirt (the material is more like a shirt, which makes this top extremely comfy, feels like wearing a pyjama), my favorite pair of jeans. I know I am wearing these a ton lately and you’re probably already sick of seeing them, but I just love them, they are so comfy and have such a nice fit. Since I am very vulnerable when it comes to blisters, these shoes are by far my best friend lately (besides my Gucci loafers). I guess I don’t need to talk about the bag again?

Another thing I wanted to talk about is motivation. As you probably all know already, I had a little issue with my motivation when it comes to blogging, and as you also might have noticed: I got it back. Since I also get asked how I motivate myself for work, uni, working out and stuff like that, I decided to share my top 3 tips with you.

Tip #1: Set goals

As long as you know what you’re working for and what you want to achieve, it’s so much easier to keep working and to stay on top of your 2-do list. I have to admit that even though I have goals, I am not always the best at staying on top of my 2-do list especially when I have some things to do, I don’t really like. But having my goals in mind always helps me to tackle these boring things and get stuff done.

Tip #2: Do what you love

As long as you actually love you’re work or your studies or even as long as you find a way of working out in which you actually enjoy it, it’s so so much easier to actually get it done. I personally don’t always enjoy my studies, but looking at it in general, I think back to the day I chose my subject and I remember how happy I was to start my bachelor studies in this subject. I also really love working out, even on the days I am anything but motivated, I actually enjoy the workout while I am doing it, no matter how dead I am afterwards. I guess I don’t have to say you how much I love my job?

Tip #3: reward yourself

Rewarding myself is probably my favorite tip, I personally love to reward myself for working hard with a new bag or some shoes, a vacation, or anything similar. Of course I don’t reward myself with a new handbag daily, but I love to reward myself with a nice coffee date with my Mom or a friend of mine as well. Whenever I got some things done I try to reward myself, sometimes such a reward also could be to lay down in my bed with some snacks and some episodes of Gossip Girl.

Of course there are many other things you can do to stay motivated, I personally also am more motivated when my room is cleaned and tidied up (this might be Tip #4) and when I have some freshly brewed green tea next to my laptop. I also don’t work as productive when I am still wearing my Pyjama in comparison to when I wear something normal or even my gym clothes (they remind me of going to the gym after work).

Get the look

Blouse: Zara | Jeans: H&M (get here) | Shoes: RiverIsland (get here) | Bag: Chloé (here & here) | Necklaces: Esprit (get here) & SoCosi* (get here & here) | Rings: Thomas Sabo* (here, here, here & here) & Pandora (here & here)


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