Weekly review #19+20 – Finally 20, Amsterdam w/ Hunkemöller &&&

Done this week

Last week I basically switched between university, my desk and my bed, but I have to admit, that I had an awesome pizza date with my uni girls. On Friday we were at a friend house to celebrate her birthday which was on Saturday. Ok well hers and mine since it was both of our birthday on Saturday. After celebrating a little bit on Friday night, some went into a club as well, but since I wanted to be fit on Saturday I drove back home. On Saturday I first went for a birthday brunch with my Mum, where we also were able to sit outside in the sun and after that we went to the market to buy some fresh food. In the afternoon I went to Starbucks with my sister and in the evening a friend of mine came by and we made pizza and had a super chill girls night. All in all it was a perfect birthday!

At this point: thanks again to all the congratulations, you truly are the sweetest! A special that you to the lovely Talita who sent me a birthday card and a Starbucks gift card, this was the cutest thing ever! On Sunday I went for a brunch with a friend of mine and wanted to get tons of work and uni stuff done, but I just went to bed and took a nap because I was in a massive food coma. But since the following week was one of the most stressful ones of my life, that was okay, because it basically consisted of: barely any sleep, tons of stress, much uni work and no blog posts.

I just wasn’t able to upload any blogposts. On Wednesday I made a speech about my blog and blogging in general, after that I wrote down my uni stuff until 2am since I once again started too late. At 4am I had to get up to drive to Munich at about 5am, from where I flew to Amsterdam. In Amsterdam I had an amazing event with Hunkemöller on Thursday and on Friday I already left back home in the morning where I had to start studying again for my exam on Saturday. In the evening I celebrated my Birthday later with my friends before I fell into a 3 hours sleeping coma.

From Tuesday to Friday I haven’t even had 11 hours of sleep, I guess that explains a lot. But I don’t want to complain, because the time in Amsterdam was awesome and that’s at least something very positive! We’ll see what you can read in the next weekly review about this topic, since the fact that you can read this on Tuesday and not on Monday like usually, speaks for itself…

Loved this week

My birthday, finally 20.

Amsterdam with the Hunkemöller-Girls.

Lessons of the week

Sometimes everything is simply too much.

Favorites of the week


Blogposts of the week

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Too much.

Impressions of the week

birthday girl ootd fashion blogger Erlangen breakfast

Finally 20!

best friend blondie brownie girls blogger inspiration

Missing this boo (click) like crazy but I also planned some trips w/ her!

hair goals Amsterdam girl blogger blonde inspiration

Fav pic from Amsterdam and fav hairstyle (thanks to the amazing stylists for these effortless waves!)

Starbucks coffee matcha blogger inspiration food ootd

caffeine kept me alive

girls blondie brownie blogger friends ootd

Finally met Chiara (click) again!

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