Weekly review #18 – Spa trip with my Mum

Done this week

I was lucky enough to get invited by the thermal bath Laa in Austria to try out their Silent Spa, since I got to bring another person with me, I chose my Mom. Our journey started on Friday morning and we arrived in the afternoon and gt welcomed so nicely. In the evening we had an amazing dinner (we had half board at the hotel) and after that we had a relaxed evening. On Saturday we first checked out the breakfast buffet and went to the Silent Spa afterwards. This is directly accessible from the hotel next to the usual thermal bath, but you don’t have to be a hotel guest to stay there. The most amazing part was that it was super quiet and silent at the Silent Spa and since we went there quite early we got to take the pictures before it became fuller, even though it was never crowded during the whole day.

Furthermore my Mom and I got to try out the wellness area of the spa and had a subfield massage which was so relaxing that I had a two hour nap afterwards. In the evening we again had an awesome dinner and afterwards we enjoyed a cocktail to finish of the day. Sadly we had to leave after yesterday’s breakfast already to head back home but it was such a nice stay. Btw I didn’t take any pictures of the hotel because you can see them all here on the website and I felt like it would be a bit unnecessary. We had a panorama room and since the weather was super great we were able to enjoy the sun on the balcony a little bit as well. For your interest: The whole staff was so nice in the hotel as well as in the spa!

Besides that there wasn’t much interesting stuff going on last week, however I have to add a little something: A friend of mine launched his album, definitely check it out, I think he’d be super happy and it was a lot of work!

Loved this week

My new bikini and the spa weekend with my Mom.

Lessons of the week

If you’re planing a bikini shoot and you cannot stomach dairy products then don’t eat a croissant right before the shooting otherwise you’ll have to take way more pictures…. (I seriously looked like I’d be 5 months pregnant in so many pictures)

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Weekly Review #16+17

Outfit – Star print and a touch of red

Outfit – Blush pink satin sneaker and off shoulder blouse

Impressions of the week

breakfast girl spa blond blogger outfit

outfit Gucci marmont street style blogger ootd

breakfast healthy inspiration croissant goals blogger

ootd street style satin sneaker off shoulder blogger

hair blonde pool spa wellness bikini body inspiration

hair blonde spa wellness bikini body inspiration

Last but not least: I also filmed a new video during the weekend. Yes I know the editing could be better but I am no professional when it comes to videos, I definitely have to improve a lot, so bear with me!

The stay in the thermal bath Laa and the Silent Spa was result of an invitation through them, furthermore contains the post affiliate links.