Weekly review #16+17

Done this week

For this weeks weekly review I once again put two weeks into one recap, however there was actually quite a lot going on. Let’s start at the beginning. Two weeks ago my little sister turned 18, so the most important person in my life can finally pick me up with the car. Hurraaay. Just one week after her birthday I asked her to pick me up after going out with my uni colleagues, because we were bowling and after that we also went out. Originally I didn’t want to join them for going out, but we just had way too much fun. Wasn’t a good idea after all because I had to prepare all blogposts for the rest of the week until Wednesday evening and I was super duper tired and down all Tuesday.

Why? Because I went to Berlin for the weekend from Thursday to Sunday with my uni colleagues. Since I didn’t want to be the one with the laptop, looking for a cafe with wifi to work (it’s enough to be ‘the blogger’, I didn’t want to be the workaholic as well), I had to prepare all posts until Wednesday evening. As you can see, I kind of managed it, even though I still don’t know how I made it. However it’s my fault that I had so much stress, because I didn’t use my time as effective as I should have done.

Anyways I’d say it all went well in the end, oh and I don’t know if you have recognized it already, but I am currently and putting more work and effort than ever into my posts and my blog in general. I hope you like it, I just love it so much even though it’s super stressful, but I don’t know why but I need this stress for being motivated.

To keep myself motivated I got myself a birthday present in Berlin even though my birthday is only in two weeks, but it was the right place and the right time for this purchase.

Loved this week

The time with my girls in Berlin.

Lessons of the week

I have to start earlier with preparing my posts!

Favorites of the week


Blogposts of the week

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Impressions of the week

Berlin ootd streetstyle Alexanderplatz blogger erlangen

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food blogger street style ootd Berlin Alexanderplatz

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