13 reasons why mobbing personal Eva Jasmin

13 reasons why – why I think everybody has to watch this series

Everybody is talking about ’13 reasons why’, everybody is watching it or already has watched it, so did I. After seeing plenty of memes on Facebook regarding this series and also because I already knew the story from when the book was brand new, I decided to watch the series as well. Even though the whole story is a bit quirky, because let’s be honest, no teenager would really explain his own story on cassettes and reconsign them. The essence of the series still is super important, omnipresent and if you’s ask me, exactly the reason why everybody needs to see ’13 reasons why’.

It’s a production about mobbing, rumors and everything these things can do to a person. Of course not everybody who’s suffering with things like that is committing suicide, but still there are a lot of them. However I am sure that the estimated number of unknown cases is much higher, because you sometimes don’t even know exactly why somebody committed suicide.

I was thinking about publishing a post about mobbing for a while now, why? Because I was suffering with that as well. I never wanted to talk about it, at least not in such a public way, but it’s so important, that I decided to put something out there. I’d not consider myself as someone who was ever potentially suicidal or anything like that, but I suffered a lot, the last years of school were a complete nightmare for me, when I started blogging it became even worse. I don’t reproach them with making fun of me starting a blog, because in a little city like Erlangen that’s everything but normal. Furthermore I am aware of the fact that I also made mistakes during my school career, I myself must have said things to other people as well, which weren’t quite nice and not very clever. However I myself never told a person day by day that this person is worth so little in my eyes.

„You’re ugly and fat.“

„You’re stupid and nobody cares what you have to say. You better stay quit because nobody wants to hear your opinion anyways!“

I hear things like these so often, that it would be a lie to say that they didn’t affect me. I am well aware of the fact that if I would have heard things like how pretty I am and how great my body shape is, my self esteem would be a lot higher nowadays and I would have way less doubts. This extends to the quotes about my intelligence as well, I mean even though I know that I am not stupid, things like these leave their marks on you. Nowadays I can hear things like this and mainly don’t give a fuck, but let’s be honest, now I am almost 20 and surely a bit more mature than how I was in the age of 16.

I don’t want to go more into depth what happened to me, how I felt and how this affected me, maybe I will one day, maybe not. What I want to give you to take with you is that you should take the time to watch these 13 episodes, these 13 episodes which show you minute by minute, what incautious or cautious statements like the ones above can do to someone. I think it’s great that ’13 reasons why’ came out, because I am sure that the book has fade into obscurity already and especially nowadays where more ant more people are to lazy to read a book (shame on me I am also reading far too little), a series is a good idea.

For sure there are some things which are slightly unrealistic or exaggerated, but the essence is real, ordinary and important. So take the time and watch it and maybe also start thinking about what you say a little more.