Weekly review #8+9

Done this week

Since I was still in London at the beginning of the week, I still have something left to talk about regarding the London Fashion Week. Me and Caro went to the Pringles of Scotland show on Monday which was so amazing, the location was a dream coming true and the collection was amazing as well. After that me and Caro used the last hours together in London before she left me and London in the evening.

On the following day, I went home as well, a journey of 10 hours in total… But I personally prefer being early at the airport, especially if I am not sure whether the tube is in time or not, but since everything went well I had some time left to work at the airport.

Back home I had to recognize that I better should start with my assignment, even though I was a bit motivated, I didn’t know where to start but still I wanted to finish the major part the following week…

Ok now that the so called following week is over as well, I have to admit: I didn’t write the major part of my assignment, I neither worked out very much, but at least I did a lot with friends and my family and much me time as well. I honestly don’t know where last week has gone, but I feel like I need an unnatural amount of sleep lately, even after 10-12 hours I am still tired and could go back to sleep for a few more hours. Still I need to start working on my assignment this week otherwise I have a problem…

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