Outfit – Last strolls through London

Today I have my last look from London for you, which also means, that the London spam is officially over now with this look which includes some lovely ruffles. Ok I still might post some London pictures now and then but since I am shooting some new pics during the next days, I will post some regular content soon again. Anyways, you might have recognized, that I haven’t uploaded my weekly review yet and I am so super sorry for that, but I had some technical issues and think it wouldn’t make sense to upload it on Wednesday or Thursday and since this week is going to be not that special anyways, I decided to upload week 8 and 9 together on Monday.

With that being said I can now move on with my outfit, I found this sweater in the H&M store on the Oxford circus after being on the hunt for it for weeks. I saw it online and thought I needed it, but then it was sold out once Caro Daur wore it. In the first store I went in London they only had it left in 42 or in 32 which both was no option, so I was so excited when I finally found it. Isn’t it super cute? I got so many compliments already on Instagram for this sweater, it’s incredible, but I can totally understand it, because a) it’s pink and b) it has ruffles on it. I feel like a mixture between a Barbie and candy when wearing it, but I love it!

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Sweater: H&M (similar here & here) | Jeans*: OASIS (similar here) | Belt: Gucci (get here) | Shoes*: Miista (similar here & here) | Bag: Chloé (similar here)