How I edit my (Instagram) pictures

Here it is, the post I never wanted to publish but also the post which got requested the most, which made me publish it now. The post about how I edit my pictures. Why I never wanted to write about my editing? Simply because it’s MY editing, my style, my personal touch. For me it’s a little bit like art as well and I don’t want to tell you what exactly I am doing, because I worked hard for getting to the point I am right now.

That’s why I won’t give you a step by step guide on how I edit my pictures, but also because it doesn’t make any sense. Personal style aside, it also makes no sense because I don’t edit every picture exactly the same. That’s something most of the people who ask me about my evident (and believe me there are so many people) don’t seem to understand. However you need to first understand that you cannot edit every picture the same way, because you always have a different initial situation, in order to edit pictures well.

Even if you would try to copy one of my pictures, using the same aperture, ISO and exposure time-setting, and after that changing exactly the same things on photoshop, you would come to a different result. That’s something you have to understand, besides the lightning there are so many different factors which influence the final picture such as background, colors, skin colors, reflections, shadows, etc.

But let’s better start with my editing. However I first wanted to tell you what I use: I use the Canon EOS 6D (hier), the 50mm 1.8 lense (hier) and Adobe Photoshop plus I always take my pictures in the RAW mode.

Step #1: Camera RAW Editor

After I’ve chosen the pictures I want to edit, I mark them all at once and open them with Photoshop. Because I take the min the RAW mode, I first get redirected to the separate Camera RAW Editor by Photoshop.

There I chance the settings until I like the picture, since I open all pictures at once I can simply copy and paste the settings to the other pictures. However no picture is the same like the picture before I chance the settings separately on every picture again. Even if two pictures got taken only minutes or seconds after each other, they aren’t the same regarding lightening and colors. Once I am done with the first rough changes, I import the files into Photoshop. (Just for reference I usually take between 20 and 40/45 minutes for step #1).

Eva-Jasmin-Bildbearbeitung-Photoshop-Filter-Tutorial-CameraHere are two different options how this could look like.

Step #2: level changes in Photoshop

In Photoshop the real work starts, using different levels I try to desaturate the background (sometimes the whole background, sometimes only specific areas), remove trash or stuff like that from the picture, remove hair from my clothing, conceal little spots or red areas (during winter time especially my lobster red hands) and stuff like that. Once again: I don’t have a specific order or pattern with this, I just look at the picture and decided what I want to change.

Eva-Jasmin-Bildbearbeitung-Photoshop-Filter-Tutorial-Cameraleft before, right after

Step #3: Tonal correction

The last step, before I escort the picture and go onto the next one is something I am doing always: the tonal correction. I put this level on the picture after (!) all the other corrections and make the final lightening corrections this way.

Eva-Jasmin-Bildbearbeitung-Photoshop-Filter-Tutorial-CameraThat’s the final result

I know this post might not be what most of you were hoping for, but if you’re really interested in putting up good pictures you have to say goodbye to only putting a single filter onto every picture. Sadly it’s not that easy. I just can give you the tipp to look at the pictures really well. Whenever I am liking a picture, I analyze what I like about it, think about which things I like the most, and which got changed during the editing. After that I am trying it out with a random picture, whenever I don’t know how to go on, I simply google what I want to chance and search for a tutorial.

Even though that’s probably not what you were hoping for, I really hope you like the post anyways. Let me know what you think about the post and if you have any questions left.