Weekly Review #7

An amazing week is over and that means it’s time for a new weekly review post. Once you read this post you’ll hopefully understand why I haven’t had the time to publish this post on time and why my weekly review is a day late now. Anyways let’s start with the post straight away.

Done this week

Last week started pretty boring but on Thursday I flew to London for London Fashion Week. First things  first: I didn’t rush from show to show and there are definitely some other bloggers which have had more appointments but however, I was there and I spent some time in my favorite city. After a quick meeting in the afternoon I used my free time to explore London a little bit and afterwards my lovely Caro arrived already and we spent an amazing evening with lots of girls talk in our Airbnb. The next day started with shooting an outfit post on the Regent street and 4 presentations afterwards. In the evening we stayed at the Airbnb again and ate tons of sushi.

On Saturday we only had one presentation which was also my favorite one out of the presentations I visited. It was the EDEL’INE L’EE presentation and it was just awesome. In the evening we went to a secret party where we had tons of fun but we also recognized how superficial some people in this branch are when the first questions we got asked were things like ‘So what do you do, are you bloggers? And how many followers do you have?’ or ‘To which shows did you went today? Did you went to Dior?’, paired with some arrogant looks we clearly felt like we weren’t the right conversation partners for some people. But we still had tons of fun there because we didn’t take all of this to serious. On Sunday we were super tired because the party was kind of long so we decided to skip our morning presentation and we went for bruch instead. Afterwards we used our time to shoot tons of pictures again and in the evening we had a livestream on Instagram with some of you guys.

All in all this must have been some of the best days ever, not only because I got the chance to be at London Fashion Week but also because I got to be in my favorite city with my friend Caro who must be my best friend if I had to name one person as a best friend. It’s so funny how you can meet people like her through blogging, that might be one of my favorite parts about my job.

Loved this week

EDEL’INE L’EE presentation | Spending time with my girl | London (Fashion Week)

Lessons of the week

Sometimes the fashion industry is really as superficial as anyone says.

Favorites of the week

Blogposts of the week

Weekly Review #6

Outfit – Strolling through Munich

Outfit – fishnet tights and Gucci loafers for #LFW day 1

Impressions of the week

London-Fashion-Week-LFW-Edeline-Lee-Eva-JasminEDEL’INE L’EE presentation LFW AW17/18

Blogger best friends inspiration fashionTwinning in fishnet with my girl <3



Big Ben Bridge Westminster London Eva JasminNever wanna leave London again…

Eva Jasmin Farmacy London vegan foodPerfect brunch in Notting Hill.

Eva Jasmin London Big BenYou know, just the usual tourist Big Ben picture.

Photo 19-02-2017, 16 32 03 (1)Pretending like that’s my pink house in Notting Hill.

Eva-Jasmin-London-Big-Ben-Bridge-Westminster-London-EyeSee you soon, London!