Weekly review #5

Done this week

As much as I was able to tell you in my last weekly review post, as little do I know have to talk about, because I spent last week again only with working out, uni stuff and work. I cannot tell you how excited I am to the day when my exams are done and I got my life back but more importantly less stress. As I said, last week there wasn’t much going on, the most exciting thing was to celebrate my grandma’s birthday on Saturday (I had the best pizza ever) and finally shooting with sunshine and relatively warm temperatures again yesterday.

Loved this week

My coffe / chai latte date with my Mom and my sister yesterday.

Lessons of the week

Always make time for a little quality time aka time with your family even in the most stressful phases.

Favorites of the week

Blogposts of the week

Weekly Review #4

Outfit – mauve turtleneck, YSL monogram and velvet boots

Outfit – Leo Mantel meets white Adidas sneaker

Impressions of the week

Berlin Fashion Week window lace Eva Jasmintb to spending my mornings in Berlin

turtleneck style ootd fashion blogger Eva JasminI proudly present my new favorite sweater!

Eva Jasmin details leopard outfit ootd fashion bloggerIt’s all about the details

Eva Jasmin Starbucks inspiredQuality time…

  • bonjourchiara 7. February 2017 at 11:08

    Quality time with family is always the best way to recharge yourself!