Outfit – Strolling through Munich

Today I have my outfit from Munich for you, which I wore last week for an event (here you can read everything about the event and my time in Munich). The pictures were taken by my beloved Diana and believe me, we we’re almost freezing to death, which is why I am even more happy about the fact that it’s finally getting warmer. Tomorrow I am heading to my favorite city ever where it should be around 10 degrees on every day, that’s almost like spring.

The thing about shooting during the winter time is that I actually don’t like it that much, I usually love taking picutres, but when you’re almost freezing to death and you have to remove the red color from your frozen hands on every picture afterwards, that’s not fun anymore. That’s why I am even more excited about the upcoming spring, plus I do think that you can create the best outfits in the spring and fall time. Not talking about how happy warmer temperatures and sun rays make me, that must be the vitamin D or the fact that I love the beginning of spring in general because it means that it’s not that long to go until my birthday.

Enough about the weather rambling, there are definitely more interesting topics than that, but to be honest, I really do believe that the warmth and the sunshine must be appreciated because otherwise it might just go away as quick as it has been coming. Anyways talking about my look, it’s actually really simple, way to cold for the cold we had in Munich and I still love it. The lace sweater is from Zara and by far my best Sale item currently in my closet, paired with my navy Chloe Faye and for the rest I kept it all black. To finish it off I stole Diana’s nude lipstick and et voila that’s about it.

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Sweater: Zara (similar here) | Coat*: OASIS (similar here) | Bag: Chloé (similar here) | Boots: Buffalo (similar here)