Outfit – feeling like an adult child

An adult child, that’s how I feel from time to time and that’s what this look reminded me of, but more about the look later, first I want to explain to you what I am talking about. Whenever people ask me how old I am, I ask them to guess first and believe it or not, in 90 percent of the cases I know what they’re going to say. 23. they always think I am 23, always. On the one hand that’s quite funny but on the other hand I am asking myself from time to time why that’s the case. Do I look like 23? Do I behave like a 23 year old? How do you look like and behave like a 23 year old person? Which things does have an influence in the human perception when it comes to guessing someone’s age? Talking about this more in deepth would peobably end in an endless psychologic and scientific essay and would definitely be too much for one blogpost..

what I wanted to drive at was: every time I answer something like “haha no I am actually only 19.” people tend to be shocked and tell me, that they never thought I was that young, questioning why I usually get an answer like “oh you just seem like you’d be older.”. Well I have to admit, that I also often feel like I am older. For one thind I am scared when I recognize that I am turning 20 in just 3 months, because it almost feels like I just turned 18 yesterday, but thinking about it I feel like so mich happened in the last 2 years that these years feel more like 5 years. Still I’d never consider myself as wiser, or more grown up that other 19 year olds, because I am sure that’s not the case, especially whenever I am surrounded by awesome, inspiring and successful people on events and so an, I always feel like a little hatchling surrounded by adults. However I’d love to read your thoughts on that topic. Did you think I was 19 or not and if not, why?

But now moving on to the look and what it has to do with this topic. I think you all have recognized the flower strap on the bag already and I have to say that’s a trend I really like, it reminds me a lot of the fashion from Marina Hoermanseder. Looking on the pictures I recognized, that I most probably have worn such a bag for the last time when I was a little kid and now I am an adult (pretty much) and flower straps on bags are back. I love this trend, what do you think? This trend is perfect for adding a little something to my still more classic and simple style, without feeling like I played dressing up.

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Sweater: similar here | Bag strap: Orsay (similar here) | Shoes: Zara (similar Eva-Jasmin-Streetstyle-Blogger-Erlangen-Mode-Outfit-Trend-08