Outfit – Your loss, babe for #LFW day 2 + where to go in London

Today I have my second look from the London Fashion Week for you guys, for day two I went with a very springlike and slightly too cold look (at least for 10 degrees) but however once the sun came out it was totally fine. In addition to the look I want to share some of my favorite London spots with you. Starting with the look, my favorite piece of it might be the shirt, I just love the print on it, but I also loved the star jeans which are just so cute, aren’t they? For the jacket I decided to go with a blazer and for the shoes I went with basic booties, I have to admit that even though I had heeled shoes with me in London, I only wore these or my Gucci loafers, it felt just so much more comfortable. For the bag I went with my Chloé Faye, because it’s first of all one of my favorite bags and secondly it fits a power bank and my polaroid camera which are two very useful things. Now that I said something about the look, let’s move on with some of my London tips.


When it comes to food, there are two options, first take away and second eating in. For eating in I can highly recommend Farmacy, which I just discovered during my last trip, and Bill’s where I sadly haven’t been during my last visit (they have amazing sweet potato fries and burger). You should be aware of the fact that everything is more expensive in London than in Germany so spending at least 20-25€ per person on eating in a restaurant is pretty normal. For take away food I can recommend Wasabi (sushi and asian food), Itsu (sushi and asian food), pret-a-manger (salads, sandwiches and so on) as well as Whole Foods which is actually more a super market but they also have an area where you can get warm dishes or salads.

Picture spots

For pictures you can basically go everywhere and you’ll find a great spot to take some pictures. I’d recommend going more in the smaller side streets because they’re usually not that crowded, otherwise I’d recommend getting up earlier and being at the hotspots before all the tourists arrive. When you want a great picture with the Big Ben and Westminster, don’t go on the bridge, go to the opposite side and then down to the riverside where only the Thames is between you and Westminster and the Big Ben, that’s where we also took some pictures. Same for the London Eye, go to the side where Big Ben and Westminster are and then to the riverside. Another benefit of these spots is, that you can have the whole attraction as well as yourself on a picture very easily. More than that I can totally recommend you Notting Hill, and my favorite street for taking the typical Notting Hill pictures is right by the tube station ‘Notting Hill Gate’ when you’re leaving the station you must see a Le Pain Quotidien (a breakfast recommendation as well). When you’re facing the Le Pain Quotidien, you have to go in the right direction and then simply going through a small street on the left hand side, you’ll arrive at the cutest Notting Hill area. Where you have very little tourists and tons of cute colorful houses.

If you want me to post more London hotspots, make sure to comment down below, I am sure I have many more but I just didn’t want to make this post too long.

Get the look

Shirt*: NAKD (similar here) | Jeans: ZARA | Blazer: ZARA (similar here & Eva-Jasmin-LFW-outfit-NAKE-Chloe-Zara-Big-Ben-Westminster-London-03