Not good enough? – About motivation and comparison

I think we all know these moments, when you’re lying in you bed, and you’Re just sad. Ok sad might be the wrong word for it but at a moment’s notice you feel super weird and broody. Just like somebody flipped a switch. Well at least that’s how it is for me often. Even though I’d never consider myself as depressive or unhappy, I just don’t feel good in moments like this. It begins with feeling lonely, asking myself why I am not out with friends instead of being home alone or having a date or just why my cat isn’t lying by my side and it ends with thinking about the meaning of life.

Allegorical of course not word for word. I don’t want to talk about the meaning of life here, but still I am asking myself what I have achieved until now in such moments, what want to achieve in the future and where I am going to right now. These moments are exactly the ones when I start to compare my ‘success’ or however you’d call it, with the success of others. Usually these comparisons are exactly the reason why I am deciding, that it’s time for me to go to bed because otherwise I’d most probably become depressive for real.

Why the hell does person A have the perfect body while I am still struggeling with achieving a little improvement? Why did person B work with company X, while company X didn’t want to work with me? What am I doing wrong? Why does it seem like person C is so successful, doing well at university, having a relationship, etc. and I am sometimes feeling like I get drowned by all the stress that’s going on?

I could write down much more questions which I am asking myself in such moments, but why am I not going to do this? It would be boring and would neither bring you or myself further. What I want to tell you instead of that is that you can get motivation and zeal out of these questions and doubts. No matter how frustrated I am, how less I feel like going on, I just use my frustration as stimulation for constantly working on myself, enhancing myself and I try to see the success of others as motivation for myself.

In the end envy and grunge only lead to one thing: bitterness. You become bitter and usually you just achieve less, than when you try to use other people’s success as a motivation for yourself. Even if you don’t feel like keeping up, even if you’re just persuading this stuff to yourself, while you’re still asking yourself why it’s not you instead of the other person, that’s still helping. At least it’s helpful for me.

With this in my mind, I am wishing you a lovely Sunday and let me know how you like posts like this and what you think about this topic and if you find posts like this interesting at all.