4 Tipps for good pictures – blogger guide

I think ever since I started blogging (some of you might still know my blog on blogger.com) I got questions like ‘how do you edit your Instagram pictures?’, ‘How do you edit your pictures?’ & ‘What do you use to take your pictures?’. Today I want to talk about all these questions and everything regarding blog and Instagram pictures.

#1 What should I use for taking good pictures?

For Instagram I started with my phone and then after a while switched to only camera pictures. Lately I mostly use my phone for Instagram, because I like to post pictures right after taking them and that’s harder when you take them with your camera, it’s not impossible but for me it isn’t worth the effort. So for my blog pictures I currently use my Canon EOS 1100D and for the Instagram pictures, which aren’t also blog pictures, I use my IPhone 6S. You don’t need a DSLR or an IPhone for good pictures, but your camera should make good quality pictures, as well as your phone. But since DSLR cameras for beginners (like my camera) aren’t that expensive I would suggest you to buy one of those instead of a system camera if you don’t own a camera and want to buy one.

#2 Where can I take good pictures?

You probably can take them anywhere but I would suggest a calm background, which means that there shouldn’t be to many colors, items and people in the background, but you don’t have to use a blank wall. Just try different locations and go for what you like the most!

#3 When should I take pictures?

The best lighting is probably right after the sunrise or right before the sunset, also called the golden hour. But if you don’t want to get up at 5am or wait until the evening, I suggest sunny days. But NEVER shot in the direct sun light! I love the lighting of sunny days, when I shot on the downside. The lighting makes everything very soft and pretty. I never thought that light could make such a big difference, but on rainy or cloudy days pictures don’t become as pretty as on sunny days.

#4 How should I edit my pictures?

Speaking about editing we have to split it in half, let’s start with your phone. I personally really like the build in IPhone editing settings, but I also like the Instagram editing options which have become quite good in the last years. For apps I’d suggest you VSCO (free), Snapseed (free) or Facetune (∼4€). But these are only the ones I have on my phone and use once in a while, there are many different apps out there, just try them out and use what works for you!

For the blog pictures I don’t use my phone for editing, instead of it I use my laptop. I started with using Photoscape (free) and always liked it. But since about 8 months or so I use Photoshop Elements (∼120€) which is a beginner version of the Photoshop CC. Since it has every function I like, I am currently happy with it. If you don’t want to spend that much money on a photo editing software you can also use Gimp (free). Or every other photo editing software you like (or maybe already own), these are just the ones I know and own.

Please let me know if these tips were helpful for you and also what Camera and editing software do you use?

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