Travel bag essentials


Today I wanted to show you my personal travel bag essentials since I am going on vacation on the 30th of August. Since we nearly always are driving by car to our destiny, I can bring as many liquids as I like on my trip. That’s why I always bring a bottle of water with me, even though my Mom usually packs some snacks and drinks for us. For a long car ride I also need my phone and some headphones, as well as my portable phone charger, in case my battery dies. I also often have my laptop in my carry-on, as well as my camera, since I feel like it’s better protected there than in my suitcase. Also some hand sanitizer and a lip balm are a must for me, in case I get dry lips or the toilets at our stops aren’t very clean. Of course I also need my wallet, not only for money, but also for my passport and my health insurance card. Last but not least I always bring my calendar and sunglasses with me. Mostly I also bring something against my travel sickness, but I forget to put it on the pictures. What are your must haves for traveling?




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